Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Quality of a Sunbeam

Today was a good day for sunbeams. I found them in some of my favorite places; I enjoyed much of the morning and afternoon in a lovely beam on the bed in the green bedroom, then wandered out to the deck for the last rays of day. I can't tell you enough how glad I am that the cold white stuff is gone from the yard. The dogs can have it!

People don't spend enough time in sunbeams. They sleep during the dark hours, and leave the house in the early mornings, just when the rays are choosing their favorite house spots. Then the people come back to the house when it's almost dark again. So gone from the best parts of life.

When testing a sunbeam, it's important to ensure that the fur on one's tummy is adequately heated. When it reaches the right temperature, it's time to rotate to the side, and then to the back, then to the other side, and around again. The only reason to move from this spot is if the sunbeam moves (I'm not certain why this happens), or if it happens to be time for Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Early Lunch, Late Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner, or Dessert. (There is also Late Dinner, Bedtime Snack and Midnight Snack, but there are no sunbeams during these events.)

So what good is a sunbeam to a person? It seems so simple, but if I must explain, here you go: You can't really control a sunbeam, so you just have to find it where it is. Put yourself where the sunbeams are every day, and your life will be instantly better, and you will finally be happy. If the sunbeam moves, MOVE with it. Duh.

Perhaps tomorrow we'll discuss what to do when you're hungry?

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